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定期音樂會【聲 情 交響一】紅顏浮生-茶花女(歌劇音樂會)

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《茶花女》是十九世紀法國文豪 小仲馬膾炙人口小說與劇本,這段作者刻骨銘心的愛情經歷,在威爾第的筆下,轉化成歌劇史上最受喜愛的歌劇之一。《茶花女》是威爾第唯一一部當代題材的歌劇,結構精煉,刻劃人性,情感的處理絲絲入扣,其中第一幕的《飲酒歌》與男女主角的二重唱《那天您在我面前走過》都是膾炙人口的歌劇金曲。小仲馬在聽過歌劇《茶花女》後讚嘆地說:「一百年後,我的話劇也許不會再演出,但是歌劇《茶花女》將會永存。」 的確,這句話在今日已經得到印證。在首演162年後,多項國際歌唱大獎金牌得主的俄羅斯女高音Anna Virovlansky與男高音林健吉領銜,集合國內一流歌手與合唱團,國際指揮Corti與國臺交,2015/16樂季開季音樂會,共同詠唱感人的聲情交響。

The Lady of the Camellias is a celebrated novel and play by 19th century French writer Alexandre Dumas, fils. The heart-breaking story of the star-crossed lovers was later transformed into one of the most beloved operas in history, La Traviata. La Traviata is Verdi's only opera which dealt with contemporary themes. The composition is carefully structured to reveal humanity and emotions in the most delicate and honest way. “Brindiso (Toast): Libiamo ne' lieti calici (The Drinking Song)” and “Un dì felice, eterea” from act one are both well-known classics. After listening to La Traviata, Dumas praised the work, saying “my play may no longer be performed after a hundred years, but the opera La Traviata will be exist forever.” And his words proved to be true. One hundred and sixty-two years after its premiere, the story of La Traviata will be told again by Russian soprano Anna Virovlansky, winner of numerous international vocal competitions, and tenor Chien-Chi Lin. In collaboration with internationally acclaimed conductor Francesco Corti, NTSO, and the top local vocalists and choir, we present the moving story of humanity and love in our 2015/16 season opening concert.

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