• 天使的詠唱_佛漢威廉士:《塔里斯主題幻想曲》

  • 天使的詠唱_斯特拉溫斯基:給鋼琴與管樂的協奏曲 第三樂章

  • 天使的詠唱_馬勒:第四號交響曲 第三-四樂章


定期音樂會【聲 情 交響九】天使的詠唱-鋼琴傳道者魯比莫夫

Symphony of Voice and Sentiment IX - "Alexei Lubimov meets NTSO"
專輯名稱 Album Name

定期音樂會【聲 情 交響九】天使的詠唱-鋼琴傳道者魯比莫夫 Symphony of Voice and Sentiment IX -

內容簡介 Desc


Vaughan Williams used the melody of a hymn written by English composer Thomas Tallis in the 16th century as the main theme in his own composition, Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis. The piece is performed by an orchestra divided into three clusters in order to deliver 3D acoustics and is lauded as the greatest work for orchestra in the 20th century.
Mahler’s Symphony No.4 in G Major serves little portions of happiness through its depiction of the joyful life in heaven. This symphony is quite popular among the audience as it presents an unassuming structure and style.
Born in Moscow in 1944, Lubimov is one of the most innovative pianists of our time. He has an impressive repertoire, and has premiered many 20th century compositions in Russia. Fervently devoted to music, Lubimov has made his mark in the world of pianists. In this concert, Lubimov presents his interpretation of Stravinsky’s Concerto for Piano and Wind Instruments, a masterpiece written with the concept of neoclassicism and filled with novelty and technical challenges.

音樂家 Author

鋼琴/阿列克謝.魯比莫夫 Piano: Alexei Lubimov 女高音/林錦如 Soprano: Ching-Ju Lin

主要演出者 Participants


Conductor: Mei-Ann Chen

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